Amber "Valley" Evangelista



Dauphine Magazine / January 2021


2022 | Our Black Experience; The Perfect Image; Alhambra, CA (Coordinator & Artist)

2022 | Santa Barbara's Black History: For The Love Of Our People; Santa Barbara, CA (Artist)

2022 | Black Art Seen; The Arts Fund; Santa Barbara, CA (Artist)

2022 | Lemonade on Sundays x Artless; Los Angeles, CA (Artist)

2021 | Melanin; Santa Barbara, CA (Artist) 


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Valley in Film was founded by portrait photographer Amber Evangelista. Her company's mission is to make film photography more accessible by sharing fun techniques, tips, and equipment to help resuscitate a dying artform. Amber teaches the fundamentals of instant photography in experimental workshops hosted across Southern California for ages varying from youth to adult.

Amber Valley Evangelista is a full-time mom of 4 and a nostalgic photographer who's addicted to vintage film cameras and Polaroids. As a full-time photographer, portraiture is a way for Amber to document her family moments, amplify stories of the black community, and showcase her passion for fashion. She prefers capturing moments using 35mm, 120, and instant film; each medium gives her a chance to slow down and be more thoughtful of each frame due to the limited number of frames. Film photography has always been a way for her to reconnect with the curiosity and excitement of her childhood. Having relearned the patience required when taking pictures with film, she continues to allow herself to relax, let go, and enjoy the process. Amber's goal is to share her love of film photography with others so they too will fall in love.