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Valley Pack

Valley Pack


The ultimate kit you need to get started in 35mm photography! Each camera is battery and film tested to ensure the best product for you.


Included in the bundle:

Valley in Film Fanny Pack

35mm Camera (Batteries Not Included)

Mystery Roll of 35mm Film 

1 35mm Roll Developed & Scanned by Dark Slide Film Lab 

Pocket Notebook


Box of Matches

Pack of Gum

Cleansing Wipe



Free travel-size hand sanitizer included for a limited time!


*The camera pictured will not be the exact camera included. Every Valley Pack includes a film and battery tested 35mm camera selected at random for each customer. 

  • Additional Information

    For more information on redeeming your coupon code with Darkslide Film Lab to get your roll of film developed and scanned, please refer to our Mailing Film Faq Page 

    Please refer to our Shipping and Return Policy  for more details on shipping timelines, returns, and exchanges.

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